Panorama Mountain Village Project Profile

The Client

Panorama Mountain Village (Panorama) is a vibrant, locally owned year-round ski and golf resort community situated in the pristine Purcell Mountain Range in the BC Rockies.

The Challenge

In 1997, Panorama’s owner unveiled a 10-year master plan to create a rustic community. To support this plan, Panorama required a committed, expert partner to deliver the utility infrastructure required for the community to thrive. The vision for Panorama also includes an ongoing commitment to making environmentally responsible choices which will ensure the community’s long-term sustainability.

The Solution

Corix has been part of the Panorama Village community since 1998, when we designed and constructed an underground propane gas distribution system to serve the community. Today, Corix's role has expanded to include virtually all aspects of a complete energy, water distribution and wastewater infrastructure.


As the owner of Panorama’s gas distribution, water distribution and wastewater systems, Corix designs and builds the new utility infrastructure required to meet the community’s growing service demands. We also manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of all three systems.


In 2006, Corix constructed a new wastewater treatment plant using a space-efficient membrane system that treats discharge effectively before it is released into the natural environment. 

Corix has also added a new composting function to the wastewater treatment plant. This process reduces the discharge that is released while enabling CORIX to turn sludge into high-quality compost.


At Panorama, our multi-disciplinary team of operators and supervisors offers invaluable expertise. Corix manages regulatory requirements such as rate structure policies and permitting, in addition to overseeing the licensing required for various development and operation projects. We also work with numerous governing authorities, such as environment and health departments and regulatory agencies.

The Bottom Line

By enlisting Corix Utilities as an active community partner, Panorama gains a complete, cost-effective and environmentally responsible multi-utility solution that supports the community’s vision and long-term success.