Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community Project Profile

The Client;

Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community is a 460-acre residential golf community located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Situated on a desert plateau overlooking the Thompson River, Sun Rivers features 2,000 homes, a championship golf course, a resort hotel, village centre, parks, playing fields and numerous community amenities.

The Challenge

As a “greenfield” development, Sun Rivers needed to build a complete multi-utility infrastructure system from the ground up. The utility solution needed to be safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly, and make end-user convenience a top priority.

The Solution

Corix Utilities provided a total, end-to-end solution taking full responsibility for all the community’s utility needs, from the design of an integrated multi-utility system through to its installation and long-term management.


Efficient, innovative and scalable, Corix's solution includes:
  • GeoExchange (geothermal) heating and cooling All residential and commercial buildings are heated and cooled utilizing GeoExchange.

  • Energy systems – Corix purchases electricity and natural gas from BC Hydro and FortisBC, respectively, and delivers to customers throughout the community.

  • Water services Corix provides on-site storage and distribution of water obtained from the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc water treatment plant. This includes filtered and treated domestic water for use by residents and untreated water for outdoor irrigation through separate water mains.

  • Sewer services Corix provides sewer services to all residential and commercial operations. This involves collecting effluent through Sun Rivers’ sewer mains, which is then treated at the wastewater treatment plant through a service agreement with the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc.

  • Municipal services Corix is responsible for snow removal from roadways as well as the maintenance of roads, boulevards, street lights, fire hydrants, and storm sewers.


Sun Rivers’ residents pay a geothermal connection fee at the time of construction and a monthly access fee to access the loop field. By treating its innovative GeoExchange system like a traditional utility, Corix enables Sun Rivers’ residents to access this highly efficient technology.


Sun Rivers is the first community in Canada to be serviced by a private bundled multi-utility company (Corix), a very efficient way to deliver services and utilities. In addition, Corix provides customer care and billing, operates an emergency call centre and provides an on-site manager for customer, construction and emergency situations.


Sun Rivers is Canada’s first GeoExchange community. Clean, comfortable and totally renewable, GeoExchange is the most efficient and environmentally friendly system available.

The Bottom Line

As a fully integrated provider of essential utility services and systems, Corix was able to provide Sun Rivers with a one-stop, leading-edge solution that effectively met all of the community’s social, financial and environmental needs.