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Corix Utilities Finalizes Acquisition of 18 Water/Wastewater Systems from the Lower Colorado River Authority

Aug 01, 2014

Purchase will ensure quality utility services continue in the Colorado River Basin area

Austin, TX 
– July 31, 2014 – Corix Utilities (Texas) Inc. announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of 18 water/wastewater systems from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). Corix has been successfully operating these systems under contract with LCRA since July 2012.

“We have very much enjoyed our experience in Texas the last couple of years,” said Kevin Meagher, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Corix Utilities (U.S.). “Corix looks forward to continuing to supply communities with the kind of high-quality utility services we are known for across North America.”

Corix is a highly experienced and successful utility company that has more than 2,200 employees in the United States and Canada and owns and/or operates more than 800 water and wastewater utilities serving more than 900,000 people. Corix has a proven track record of public-private partnerships with local communities, state and federal government agencies to ensure water and wastewater systems provide quality, reliable water and wastewater service. Corix, through its utility services division, has also been providing meter reading services in the Austin area for more than 10 years.

The systems that Corix has purchased from the LCRA are:

Southeast Region  Hill Country Region 
  • Matagorda Dunes Water System
  • Matagorda Dunes Wastewater System
  • Alleyton Water System
  • Alleyton Wastewater System
  • Camp Swift Wastewater System
  • McKinney Rough Wastewater System
  • Windmill Ranch Wastewater System
  • Windmill Ranch Raw Water System

  • Ridge Harbor Water System
  • Ridge Harbor Wastewater System
  • Spicewood Beach Water System
  • Quail Creek Water System
  • Smithwick Mills Water System
  • Sandy Harbor Water System
  • Lake Buchanan Water System
  • Paradise Point Water System
  • Lometa Water System
  • Lometa Wastewater System
“We have shown over the past two years that by working together with the LCRA and these communities, we can overcome even the most significant of problems,” added Meagher. “Our recent resolution of the significant drought-related issues at the Spicewood Beach water system is a good example. The community’s new water treatment plant is up and running, which allowed the LCRA to move the system out of Stage 4 emergency drought restrictions and eliminate the need to truck water in on a daily basis.”

For customers, there will be no change in current rates.

“The rates that have been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) will remain in effect for at least the first year,” emphasized Meagher.

And since Corix has been the operator of the systems for the past two years, customers should not experience any noticeable difference in service.   

“Customers and communities will continue to see the same services and support they have been receiving over the past couple of years,” concluded Meagher. “And we will do everything possible to minimize any administrative impacts that might occur from Corix taking over formal ownership of these systems.”

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