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Corix Purchases Two Leading Kelowna Companies

Jun 01, 2015


Interior Instrument Tech Services Ltd. (IITS) and Interior Instrument Engineering Services Ltd. (IIES) are leaders in their respective fields

KELOWNA, BC – The Corix Group of Companies announced today it has purchased two of Kelowna’s leading companies – Interior Instrument Tech Services Ltd. (“IITS”) and Interior Instrument Engineering Services Ltd. (“IIES”). Both companies are owned by local business people, Ken and Catherine Hansen, and operate out of the same 5,000 square foot facility on St. Paul Street in Kelowna.

“We are very excited to have IITS and IIES join the Corix family,” said Steve Little, Vice President and COO, Utility Products Canada. “Both are very successful businesses with strong reputations for customer service and support.”

IITS was formed in 1973 and currently has 15 employees, including co-owner Ken Hansen. An electrical, instrumentation and controls (EI&C) construction and service company, IITS also has a CSA/CSA US certified control panel manufacturing shop. The company has a Class ‘A’ electrical contracting license and their control panels are certified for use anywhere in North America.

IIES is an EI&C engineering company that provides design and programming services to IITS, municipalities and smaller engineering firms that require EI&C expertise. It offers both design only and design/build engineering services. Founded in 2011, IIES has four employees -- two professional engineers (for the design side) and two programmers (for system integration work).

“The sale of the two companies to Corix makes the most business sense for us at this time,” said Ken Hansen. “They are respected as a leader in our industry all across North America, and as such, can provide growth opportunities of a much larger scale than we could attain on our own.”

Corix will be looking to build on what is already a solid business platform for both companies. IITS has a strong presence in the Southern B.C. Interior for sales and service of a full range of instrumentation and controls systems and services.  IIES, for its part, is a significant player in the municipal market in central B.C. Given that their panel shop can build to CSA (Canada regulatory) or CSA US (USA regulatory) standards, it also has strong growth potential in other parts of B.C. and beyond.

Both IITS and IIES will operate as Interior Instruments, a Division of Corix Control Solutions LP. As a private business transaction, the financial details of the transaction are confidential. However, Corix will retain the current employees of the two companies.

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