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Corix Utilities Receives Commission Approval on Purchase of Cleveland Thermal LLC

Oct 21, 2015

We are pleased to announce that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved the purchase of Cleveland Thermal LLC by Corix Utilities and that the transaction has closed effective October 21, 2015.

Cleveland Thermal, downtown Cleveland’s leading business district energy provider, has served its customers since 1894 and Corix Utilities is proud to continue that tradition of service. This large-scale thermal system acquisition adds to our existing portfolio of district energy systems and we are excited to become part of the Cleveland community. 

Cleveland Thermal is in the process of converting its steam generation fuel source from coal to natural gas in order to comply with requirements of the Clean Air Act. The current coal-fired boilers will be shut down by January 31, 2017. Corix Utilities brings significant expertise and resources to this project. The combined strength of the Cleveland Thermal and Corix Utilities teams will allow Cleveland Thermal to maintain and grow its system in a sustainable manner and meet increasingly stringent environmental and air quality standards. 

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