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Corix Water Products Contracted for Oxford County Water Meter Program

Feb 10, 2016

Oxford County, ON - Oxford County has contracted Corix Water Products to supply and install new water meters and meter reading equipment for its mandatory water meter program. As part of this program, all residential properties throughout Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, and Norwich must have a new water meter installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will installations take place?

The water meters will be installed on an area-by-area basis beginning in Spring 2016. Information on how to schedule appointments will be sent to residents. Corix will be installing meters in the following order:
  • Tillsonburg
  • Brownsville, Mount Elgin, Dereham Centre, Springford, Otterville, Norwich, Princeton, Drumbo, Bright, and Plattsville
  • Innerkip, Hickson, Tavistock, Beachville, Sweaburg, Lakeside, Embro, and Thamesford
  • Town of Ingersoll

The goal is to have all meters installed by the end of Spring 2017. 

Can I install the meter myself? 

No. Corix Water Products has a contract to supply and install the water meters and the reading equipment device. Every installer has been specially trained to install water meters. Their qualifications include certification by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Water Meter Installer (WMI) 800A program.

Where will the meter be installed?

Your new meter will be installed in the same place as your old meter, which is likely in your basement near the main shut-off valve. Prior to your meter installer’s arrival, please ensure this area is clear to provide adequate working space.

An adult at least 18 years old must be home at all times during the installation. The installation will take approximately one to two hours.

Your new meter will be read by radio frequency, so no one will ever need to enter your home or property after the installation. The only exception will be if the meter requires maintenance. 

Who will maintain my new water meter?

Oxford County staff will maintain the water meters at no cost to the customer, provided reasonable care is taken. Important: It is illegal to tamper with a water meter.

How do I schedule an appointment?

When installers are in your neighbourhood, they will drop off an information booklet, which is a cue to call and schedule an appointment. It is important to schedule your appointment within two weeks of receiving your information booklet.

Meter installers work from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays. The meter installation takes between one to two hours, depending on the work involved. There are two ways to schedule your installation appointment.

1. Phone: Call 1-877-256-4763 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday to schedule your appointment. 

2. Online:
 Visit and complete the online form. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment time within one business day.

For more information on the Oxford County Water Meter Program, visit the
Oxford County website.
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