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Fairbanks Sewer and Water

A wholly owned subsidiary of Corix Utilities, Fairbanks Sewer and Water is the parent company for six closely held subsidiaries, two of which are privately held, publicly regulated water and wastewater utility companies in the greater Fairbanks, Alaska area. 

College Utilities Corporation and Golden Heart Utilities provide service to more than 8,500 combined customer accounts representing a population of over 55,000 people. Golden Heart Utilities and College Utilities Corporation are both supported administratively by Utility Services of Alaska.

Utility Services of Alaska provides a full range of customer service, accounting, information technology, human resources, procurement, and risk management services to our operations. This staff of highly qualified professionals includes a senior management team that provides direction and oversight of all utility related activities.

In addition to the highly experienced management team, there is a solid team of utility workers from the affiliated companies that bring a performance-oriented approach to operating our state certified water treatment plant, water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant, and wastewater collections system.

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