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Corix Utilities (CAN)

Corix Utilities helps communities build, manage and operate water, wastewater, and sustainable energy systems as well as provide field metering services.

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Corix Group of Companies (US)

The Corix Group of Companies (US) is committed to providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective water and wastewater service to their customers throughout the United States.

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Corix Water Services

Corix Water Services offers a range of unique, turnkey services for water distribution systems to customers in Ontario, Canada. 

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Cleveland Thermal

Cleveland Thermal, LLC, a subsidiary of Corix Utilities, is downtown Cleveland’s leading business district energy provider.

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Fairbanks Sewer and Water

A wholly owned subsidiary of Corix Utilities, Fairbanks Sewer and Water is the parent company for six closely held subsidiaries, two of which are privately held, publicly regulated water and wastewater utility companies in the greater Fairbanks, Alaska area.

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West Shore Environmental Services

West Shore Environmental Services Limited Partnership constructs, owns, operates, and maintains extensions to the City of Langford’s sewage collection system.

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