About West Shore Environmental Services

West Shore Environmental Services builds, owns, operates and maintains the City of Langford’s sewage collection system.

Delivering Community Services to the City of Langford 

In 2004, West Shore Environmental Services Limited Partnership signed an agreement with the City of Langford to construct, own, operate and maintain extensions to the City of Langford’s sewage collection system. This includes operating and maintaining the existing sewers as well as handling all customer inquiries and concerns. The agreement took effect on September 29, 2004.

The Agreement Background

The Franchise

The City of Langford signed a Partnership Agreement with West Shore Environmental Services to own, operate, maintain and expand the sewer system within the municipal boundary of Langford, British Columbia.

Accordingly, throughout the Term of the Agreement, Langford and West Shore Environmental Services will cooperate with each other with a view to furthering the purpose and objectives of the Agreement. The term of this Agreement is for 21 years with the right to renew for an additional 21 years.

Sewer Connections 

West Shore Environmental Services accepts applications for sewer services directly from customers. West Shore Environmental Services will make available, at the owner’s expense, grinder pumps to single or two family dwellings where necessary to facilitate connection to the sewer system. For residential customers, West Shore Environmental Services can provide information on financial options available for connections as well as on-site works necessary to connect to the system.

Where customers have septic systems (tanks and fields), West Shore Environmental Services will not allow connections to the sewer system unless the septic system has been decommissioned in accordance with Langford bylaws. 

Land Developments

West Shore Environmental Services will proactively work with developers to facilitate sewer expansion to new developments. All new on-site sewer infrastructure must be in accordance with Langford’s current bylaws. West Shore Environmental Services and the City of Langford will review both design and “as built” drawings of sewer infrastructure prior to connecting such works to the system.

Sewer Capital Plan

The current direction of City Council is that sewer trunk mains are only being extended where they are 100% funded by developers (usually new development) or where residents fund the extension on their own. In the instance where residents fund the extension, Langford staff and West Shore Environmental Services will meet with residents to present options with respect to the total cost and the cost associated per resident who is in agreement to the extension.

Sidewalks and Resurfacing Highways

Each sewer project completed by West Shore Environmental Services will include an amount equal to 3% of the sewer construction costs for the construction of sidewalks or resurfacing of highways.

West Shore and City of Langford