Completed Sewers Ready for Customer Connections 

West Shore Environmental Services has completed several sewer lines ready to receive home sewer connections.

  • Acadian Road, Ashley Place, Atkins Road and Avrill Road
  • Belair Road, Blueberry Lane and Brock Avenue (808-908)
  • Camli Place and Churchwood Place
  • Dawn Lane and Duncan Place
  • Flatman Subdivision (Bluebird Gardens, Kinglet Place, Sanderling Way, Starling Place, Thrush Place, and Turnstone Drive)
  • Fleetwood Court, Florence Lake Road and Florence Terrace
  • Glen Lake Road, Glen Lake Road (3043-3055), Glennan Road, Glenview Drive, Glen Willow Place
  • Goldstream Avenue (606-951, 953-1026, and 1103-1289) 
  • Guyton Way
  • Happy Valley Road (3202-3690), Haslam Avenue and Huckleberry Terrace, Isabell Avenue
  • Jenkins Avenue
  • Kathlynn Place and Kingfisher Drive
  • Kiwi Road
  • Lake End Road, Lakeshore Place, Leigh Road (1103-3096), Lindsay Road, Loch Glen Place, Lodmell Road and Loma Linda Drive
  • Latoria Road – Happy Valley Road to Kelly Dawn Place
  • Mary Ellen Place, Matson Road and Monnington Place
  • McCallum Road (973-1022)
  • Page Avenue, Parkdale Drive, Powers Lane, Preston Way and Prospector Way
  • Raycroft Place and Rockingham Road
  • Savory Road
  • Selica Road, Setchfield Avenue, Shaw Avenue, Shoreview Drive, Skogstad Way, Sooke Road (2610-2714) and Summer Breeze Lane
  • Springboard Place
  • Tayberry Terrace, Toth Place and Treanor Avenue
  • Valley View Estates (Alumroot Close, Cornus Court, Moss Ridge Close, Ridge Pond Drive, Wild Berry Bend, Wild Blossom Court, Wild Country Lane, Wild Pond Lane and Wild Ridge Way)
  • Walfred Place, Walfred Road (919-1012), Waterlily Lane, Weaver Place and Westwind Drive
  • Wagar Avenue (676-682)
  • Winster Road (2719-2726) 

Most of these are gravity sewer connections and properties can be connected directly to the sewer stub location on the property boundary.

Sewer systems that are part of a low pressure sewer system (LPS) will also need to purchase a grinder pump from West Shore Environmental Services when they connect.

Please contact us to purchase your pump.

West Shore Sewer Construction