About Corix

Corix Utilities is an integrated provider of utility infrastructure and provides new residential buildings on the University of British Columbia lands with sustainable solutions for their space heating and domestic hot water. 

Headquartered in 
Vancouver, BC, we bring more than 70 years of experience with all aspects of utility creation, operation, and maintenance. We are committed to providing safe, cost-effective, and sustainable utility infrastructure.

Safety, longevity and ease-of-use are always emphasized, to maximize social, economic and environmental returns. We’re also backed by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, a large, stable and well-respected investment firm that manages a globally diversified investment portfolio of nearly $100 billion. That gives us the financial strength to become a fully invested, long-term partner.

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UBC Wesbrook Village

In the case of an emergency, call our 24-hour line at 1-844-852-5651.