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Corix designs, builds, owns, and operates district energy infrastructure. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Corix brings extensive related experience to the Neighbourhood Utility Service at UniverCity.

Past sustainable energy and district energy projects include:

  • Alexandra District Energy Utility, Richmond, BC – Corix currently operates the Alexandra District Energy Utility located in the Alexandra neighbourhood, near the city centre in Richmond, BC which provides renewable GeoExchange energy to residential, commercial, and institutional units. 
  • Oval Village District Energy Utility, Richmond, BC – Corix designs, builds, and operates the Oval Village district energy system serving new mixed-use communities adjacent to the Richmond Olympic Oval with heat and domestic hot water. The $30 million project commenced in December of 2014 and is currently served with 11MW of plant capacity. The project will eventually utilize a Sewer Heat Recovery system to provide over 70% of the annual energy requirement through renewable means.  

  • UBC Neighbourhood District Energy System, Vancouver, BC – Corix, designs, builds, owns, and operates the Neighbourhood District Energy System (NDES) providing new residential communities at UBC in Vancouver, BC with heat and domestic hot water. The NDES is regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission and contributes to the achievement of aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets set by UBC. Waste heat from TRIUMF, Canada’s National Physics Laboratory, has been identified as the preferred alternative energy source for the permanent solution, eventually providing an estimated 60% of total energy demand for the NDES.
  • Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community, Kamloops, BC – Corix designed, installed, owns, and operates a comprehensive range of multi-utility services at Sun Rivers, Canada’s first GeoExchange community. This service includes a Geoexchange-based district energy system in the Talasa Village Centre and Belmont communities, as well as the Geoexchange infrastructure for every single family residence. In addition to the multitude of Geoexchange systems, Corix also owns and operates the electrical distribution, natural gas distribution, water distribution, and wastewater collection systems. 

  • Beaver Barracks, Ottawa, ON – Corix designed, installed, owns, and operates a GeoExchange loop field system and central energy plant which provides heating, cooling, and domestic hot water to 247 low-cost community housing units managed by Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, a private non-profit housing organization.

Learn about our partnership with SFU Community Trust.

Corix Dockside Green District Energy Building

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