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Contact us if you have any questions about your account or applying for service.

Toll-Free: 1-877-577-2112
Fax: 250-707-0349

Corix e-Care and e-Bill

Once you’ve received your first bill, you have the option to register for our online e-Bill and e-Care services. These let you receive your bills securely by email or through an online account. You can also use these services to view your billing and consumption history.

Register now for Corix e-Bill and e-Care
*You'll need to have a copy of your bill handy to register

Open a New Account

To open a new account or apply for service at an existing location (where services already exist), please complete a Sage Utilities Application for Service form.

Completed forms can be emailed to or mailed to the address below.

Corix Utilities Inc.
PO Box 20217
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2

Update Your Account

To change or update information on your account, contact Corix Customer Care at 1-877-577-2112.

Close Your Account

To close your account, please contact Corix Customer Care at 1-877-577-2112 at least two full business days before you move. Please note that you are responsible for all charges until your account is closed.