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Corix Water Products is dedicated to providing a wide range of municipal water and wastewater products from pipe and fittings to valves, hydrants, and water meters. We supply products and services to meet the demanding requirements of today’s complex municipal applications and to meet the specific needs of the water and wastewater industry.

We carry products used throughout the water system from source to customer. We offer a diverse range of integrated thermoplastic piping systems – pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components, and tools – all capable of handling the full range of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Corix Water Products carries a variety of water pipe (PVC C900/905, ductile iron, polyethylene, fusible, restrained), sanitary and storm pipe (PVC solid wall, PVC ribbed, and HDPE ribbed), and duct pipe (PVC, HDPE, and insulated). We also carry municipal waterworks products including:

  • Ductile iron pipe
  • Valves and hydrants
  • Water meters
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • Fabricated pipe systems
  • Backflow prevention devices and more

Common applications include frost protection, water and sewer mains, fire watermains, storm detention/retention, spools, valve, and pressure reducing valve chambers.

Our experienced sales team will help you find the right solution for all your waterworks and water distribution needs.

Explore the full range of municipal water and wastewater products we distribute throughout Canada.

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Water Pipe

- PVC C900/905
- Ductile Iron
Canada Pipe
- Solid Wall Pressure Application HDPE Pipe
Global Poly* | JM Eagle* | KWH Pipe/
Uponor Infra
 | Performance Pipe
- Profile/Non-Pressure HDPE Pipe
ADS | Armtec* | Snap-Tite* | Weholite
- Specialty HDPE Pipe
- Fusible PVC
- Restrained
Canada Pipe | IPEX | NAPCO 
- Glass Reinforced Plastic
Water Fittings
- PVC C900/905
Galaxy Plastics | Harco* | IPEX | NAPCO             
- Ductile Iron
Bibby Ste-Croix | Sigma Corporation | 
Star Pipe Products | Terminal City Iron Works*
- Injection Molded Factory Mutual (FM) HDPE Fittings
Georg Fischer | Performance Pipe | 
Rahn Plastics
- Fabricated HDPE Fittings
Independent Piping Products | 
Industrial Pipe Fittings |
Specified Fittings
- Fabricated Factory Mutual (FM) 
HDPE Fittings
Independent Piping Products | 
Industrial Pipe Fittings | 
Specified Fittings
- Specialty HDPE Fittings
Improved Piping Products | Poly-Cam*
- Clamps, Couplings, and Saddles
Hymax | Robar | Romac Industries | 
Smith Blair** | Straub
- Restrainers 
EBAA Iron Sales | GF Piping Systems** 
Romac | Sigma Corporation | Star Pipe Products | Uni-Flange
- Corporation Brass
AY McDonald* | Cambridge Brass 
- Backflow
Apollo Valves (Conbraco) | Watts 
- Casing Spacers
GPT Industries | Raci Spacers
Sanitary and Storm Pipe
- PVC Solid Wall
- PVC Ribbed
Sanitary and Storm Fittings
Galaxy Plastics | IPEX | NAPCO 
Insulated Pipe and Fittings
Urecon Pre-Insulated Pipe | Uponor
Special Application Pipe Products
Canusa-CPS | Shaw Pipe
- Butterfly Valves
Challenger Valve | Clow** | Crispin Valve  | Mueller | SMG Valves*
- Compression Fitting Valves
- Control Valves
ASCO Valve | Cla-Val | Singer Valve
- Plastic Valves
Chemline Plastics | Georg Fischer 
- Pressure Reducing and Backwater Valves
Apollo Valves (Conbraco) | Cla-Val
Ross Valve | Singer Valve
Watts | Zurn**
Valve and Meter Boxes
Ametek | Armtec | Bibby Ste-Croix
 NDS | Star Pipe Products** | Sigma Corporation | Terminal City Iron Works*
Residential and Commercial Water Meters Badger Meter
Clow** | Mueller | Terminal City Iron Works* | Kupferle Foundry
Municipal Castings
Bibby Ste-Croix | Dobney Foundry* 
Sigma Corporation | Star Pipe Products | Terminal City Iron Works*
Trojan Industries* | Westview Sales*
Service Tubing
- Copper
Great Lakes Copper
- Polyethylene
IPEX | Polytubes | Trinus
- Pex
- Boxes
Armtec | Bibby Ste-Croix | Mueller
 NDS | Sigma Corporation | Star Pipe Products | Trojan Industries*

*Not available in Ontario
**Available in Ontario only

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